Saturday, November 17, 2012

Changing focus can be hard...

Hi there. Boy, it's been a while!

Things have been okay on the home front here. We've been making pretty good progress and although our debt isn't 100% paid off yet (we still have our car payment and an interest free credit card to pay off), we have changed our focus from paying bills to saving money. 

This has been challenging.

Although it really shouldn't be. We are pretty much just doing our zero based budgeting but now instead of sending everything extra towards bills, we are sending it to our savings account. The balance in our savings account is slowly increasing with each pay period. This is a good great thing! The hubby and I are super focused on buying a house early next year. But for some reason, it's really tempting to know the money is there.

It's almost as though it feels better to know that we have no money, so nothing to spend or to get in trouble with. I know it doesn't really make sense, but knowing the money is there, we think about it and get really tempted to spend it. This is where we need to get stronger and be more focused.

I'm thinking if I start to blog more and track our savings on here, then I'll be more accountable and stay on track better. So, that's my next step. I'll update the blog shortly to reflect our savings balances. Hopefully that'll help us reach our goals, just as we did when we were super focused on debt repayment.

Questions : Did this happen to any of you? Do you find it tempting to know you have a balance growing in savings and you are tempted to spend all of it?