About Me

Just a blog by a girl, who happens to be Head Over Heels... in Debt!

I started this blog and my journey to get out of debt back in September 2010, with over $60K in debt. My debt breakdown was as follows:

Credit Card # 1 = $19,624.15
Credit Card #2 = $19,063.37
Car = $21,868.20

For a grand total of $60,555.72! Crazy, I know.

By July 2011, we had paid off over $10K towards the debt. (Not to mention another $7K towards our taxes!) It wasn't easy. Oh, heck no, it wasn't. During this time, I got married, downsized, sold things and sacrificed a good amount along the way. We had some pretty aggressive goals to get our debt paid off and we made great progress. In March 2013, we paid off our credit card debt and were just left with our car payments. That was a great time in our life and things felt amazing!

Fast forward to March 2014... Over that next year, we made some poor financial decisions and found ourselves back in the same place we were before. This time we were almost $55K in debt. Our debt breakdown was as follows:

Credit Cards = $34,873
Cars = $19,223

On a positive note, we do have some money saved for retirement. As of June 2014, we have about $34K in retirement, although not everything is fully vested yet.

We've gotten out of debt before and we'll do it again. We know what to do, we just have to commit to doing it! It won't be easy but it will be worth it.

Hopefully you'll find my blog entertaining and enjoyable, and maybe even a little helpful! By no means, am I a financial expert but I'm sharing what I'm learning along the way. I welcome your comments and questions. I appreciate any support you have to offer.

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