2011 Goals

Here are our goals for 2011. I'll provide updates along the way!


Stick to our budget

May Update - So/So. The past few months weren't that great, but we are really focused now and I anticipate the remainder of 2011 will be much better!

End of Year Update - Ended up finishing the year great!

Replenish our emergency savings account

May Update - Done. We have replenished our E-Savings!

End of Year Update - We decided to put our savings towards our debt. We are paid 4 times per month and feel confident that if an emergency came up, we'd be able to use our paycheck to cover it.

Pay $20K towards debt

May Update - Partially Done. We are on track to hit this goal by December.

End of Year Update - We totally rocked this goal!

Continue to find creative ways to lower our budget / increase our income

May Update - Done. I've been successful in lowering our budget. I've downsized our apartment, sold items we don't use and lowered the last few bills that we could.

End of Year Update - We did great with downsizing, cutting costs and increasing our income!


Read more books

May Update - Partially Met. I've read one but still want to read more.

End of Year Update - Fail, didn't read nearly as much as I would have liked.


May Update - Not Met. Once we get unpacked and settled in our new place, I hope to take this up again.

End of Year Update - Fail.

Speak my mind more

May Update - Not Met. I haven't really been holding anything in, I just haven't had many opportunities for growth in this area.

End of Year Update - Had a couple of opportunities and did better at speaking my mind earlier.

Learn to forgive more and really let things go

May Update - Not Met. I still need to work on this one.

End of Year Update - Partial success...

Start a family

May Update - Not Met. We've put this on hold for now. I constantly go back and forth on whether I want to have children or not, so until I'm certain, we decided to stop trying.

End of Year Update - At this point, our plans have changed.


Continue to advance in my career

May Update - Partially Done. I have advanced monetarily at my job but I'm not really learning more or advancing up the ladder. My position is a bit stagnant right now but given the job market, I'm okay with that for the time being.

End of Year Update - Changed jobs and got more money, however I didn't really advance in my career. This is currently a work in progress...