Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weekly Money Check-Up

Hi all! Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. December is the busy time at my job, so I've been burning the midnight oil, as they say! Here's my Weekly Money Check-Up, courtesy of My Pretty Pennies :)

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on... it's actually what it's going to be on - our electricity! I was so bummed this week when I opened my mail to find our electricity statement and saw that it went up from $57 last month to $181! I was so heated that I told my husband that now that we canceled cable, electricity was going to be next! I know we can't realistically live by just candlelight, but man was I peeved. I called today and they kindly explained that it's probably from using our heat a couple of days when it got cool. Geez! We will NOT use our heat again - EVER. We'll be sure to bundle up and use ghetto heat if necessary (aka - open our oven). What an unexpected bill! I only budget $100 per month for it, which is typically enough. Oh well.

2. Today I feel totally beaten down by money. As my last post mentioned, our savings is going to be pretty much drained completely by the time I pay my ticket and some other unexpected expenses that came up. I'm a bit bummed by it all, but trying to look forward to starting 2011 fresh and new!

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free/inexpensive thing I did last week that made me happy was
finalized our Christmas cards online through Shutterfly. I mentioned this promotion that they are doing, which gives away 50 free holiday photo cards, well last week I finalized what they are going to look like. Hopefully they'll be waiting for me when I get home today and I can get them sent out soon! I can't wait to see them.

4. I will consider this week a success if I
hear back from my CEO about a potential pay increase/promotion for next year. I put my name out there as someone whose compensation/title should be reviewed and I'm hoping he has some great news for me before the holidays. I know I may not actually find out until January/February, but I'd really love to find out this week.

5. My favorite holiday treat are
these delicious mint chocolate chip cookies I make! They are made from a chocolate cake mix and I melt an Andies Mints on top... ahhhh, bliss :)


  1. A raise would come in very handy for you right now - I wish you luck. Is electric your only source of heat - it IS very expensive. I see you live in the north? I've had to suck it up and have the furnace on constantly now:( But then it's minus 8 today!

  2. Here in Australia it,s Air Conditioners which are burning up the most power just now.
    Still that was one heck of an increase for just a couple of days heat, put on extra jumpers and do some start jumps LOL

  3. That's a BIG jump in your hydro bill!! Ouch!! I keep my thermostat set to 18c during the day, 17 at night and we're a family of 6 and my hydro bill has been at, or under $124 each month... hope you can get that down!

  4. I'm actually down in the San Diego area and it's normally pretty warm but our nights have gotten cooler lately. That's okay though, I have plenty of warms socks and sweaters that I'm starting to pull out of the back of the closet!