Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Walking on Sunshine!

Yippee! We made our final payment to CC #1 today. I really feel as though I'm walking on sunshine. What a great feeling this is. I can only IMAGINE how wonderful I'm going to feel once all of our debt is gone. Let's take a look at the numbers so far...

Here's where things were as of July 28, 2011:

Original Debt $60,555.72

Debt on 7/28/11 $50,355.00

Credit Card Debt

CC #1 : $15,217.69
CC#2 : $16,913.81
CC#3 : $0 (Paid In Full!)

Car Loan

Here's the update, as to where our debt is today:

Credit Card Debt

CC #1 - $0 (Paid in full on 11/15/11)
CC #2 - $13,885.25
CC #3 - $2,905.30 (0% balance transfer card I opened a few months ago)

Car Loan

For a total of $33,920.64

That means since July 28th, we've paid off $16,434.36 in debt. Not bad progress. Not bad at all! The next one that will go down is CC#2. The plan is to have that one paid off in March 2012. Unless, or course, if we win the lottery before then :)


  1. You're back!!! I'm so happy!

    Congrats on the AMAZING progress!!!

  2. Your numbers are indeed amazing... CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. Good for you! You are really making some impressive progress!

  4. glad you're back! I kept checking back but for a while blogger wouldn't let me post comments for some reason. you're making great progress!

  5. Holy cow! That's a huge change since July! Great job!!

  6. hey thats great!! Well done! I love that pic, thats exactly how it feels :)

  7. WOW! Amazing work!!! That's some great progress; keep up the good work!

  8. Awesome! I just got done calculating how much we'd paid off so far this year (just over $20,000) but you're making even faster progress :)