Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So far, so good!

I did a little holiday shopping over the last week or so. The other night my best friend asked where I got her boxwood tree for Christmas a few years back. She was thinking of ordering one. Well, since I hadn't come up with her gift for this year yet, I decided to call and order her another small tree. She received it today and was pleasantly surprised by her gift which should - hopefully - last through the holidays.

Today I went to the mall at lunch and had a 25% off coupon for Macy's. My mom mentioned last week how she lost one of her old leather gloves, so I purchased a nice new pair for her. I got them at a deal for only $38, fully lined and all.

Then I stopped at Victoria's Secret and got my niece a gift set with yoga pants and a tank top for $49. I think she'll love it but if she doesn't, she can return it for something she'll enjoy more.

Just chatted with my Mom and she recommends cash for my Sister and Dad. My Dad fell recently and broke his eyeglasses so he could use some cash towards a new pair and my Sister is disabled and can always use some extra money. I'd rather send her a present and I asked if she needs anything but she said "no".

That only leaves my hubby and maybe a token of appreciation for my employee at work. The hubby's Christmas money will come out of my paycheck on 12/15, so I'm not worried about that yet and I'm sure I can find something perfect for my employee at the right price.

So far, so good with staying on track with my holiday spending. Now, let's hope this girl's weekend in Vegas goes just as well!


  1. I know it can seem scary to go somewhere where you could potentially lose a lot of money but I'm sure you'll be fine - you've come so far over the past year that I just know you'll stay on track - if you don't there are a few of us who'll kick your butt!! Just sayin'!!

  2. @ Michelle P - Thanks!

    @ Jane - XO :)