Thursday, September 13, 2012


Have you heard of Groupon yet?

It's a pretty cool website that offers you great deals at a hefty discount. I had been checking out their advertised deals for a while but was always too gun shy to make a purchase. (Plus I was being super strict with my budget, of course!)

Well, they had been sending me $10 coupons to use on my first purchase but the coupons don't last long and often times the deals sell out before I'm ready to buy.

Then, they upped the anty this week and they sent me a $15 coupon! I quickly went to their website ( to see what deals were available and I found 2 movie tickets and a large popcorn at a theater down the street from my house, for $15! Sweet, I quickly decided to make the purchase and got the voucher for a free movie! If you know me, you know I love movies, so this is a terrific and free treat. I'm looking forward to having a fun date night with my hubby.

If you haven't checked them out, you may want to. I think if you sign up, they'll send you coupons too, so it may be worth it. Enjoy :)


  1. Groupon is great. I also check out Living Social, and Tippr. And sometimes Yipit, because they combine all the great deals in your area from all of these kinds of sites, and it's pretty awesome! These sites are the main reason me and my bf can still go out and have fun, some of the deals are great. Also, Ebates gives you 2-5% back on Groupon and Living Social! Hurray!

  2. Great post. I signed up for Groupon so I get a ton of email about different sales every day but I too have been a bit gun shy about trying it (plus I am really tight with my money). But I will definitely be on the look out for a great deal like you got!