Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our New Electric Toothbrush - Phillips Sonicare Healthy White!

Our 10+ year old electric toothbrushes died last week.The brushes had more than outlived our expectations. It was time for something new. After scouring reviews, I decided on a Phillips Sonicare Healthy White Electric Toothbrush (shown above).

This brush is different than the one we previously had, which was an Oral B. This one actually has a full size toothbrush head, compared to our old one which was just a round brush which only covered one or two teeth at a time.

We've been using it for about a week now and our teeth have never felt so clean! (Sorry, I just sounded like a commercial there for a moment.)

Although I shopped around for the best price I could find, I still had a hard time when it came to actually paying for these. They ended up being around $70 each. That's after a $20 rebate that I still need to send in. My mind started calculating out how many manual brushes I could get for that price. Believe me... it's a lot! But (isn't there always a "but"?), both the hubby and I have had some dental issues in the past and it's really in our best interest (healthwise) to take really good care of our teeth and gums, as they've gotten progressively worse as we've aged. I truly believe this brush will help us do that. We'll see how the next visit to the dentist goes later this year!

Question? : Have you purchased something that you knew was "right" but it still kinda felt so "wrong"? What was it? 

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