Friday, October 22, 2010

Ahhhh, it's good to be back!

Yayyyyy! I'm back. I had a truly great wedding and honeymoon and I'm happy to be back :) I'm ready to get on track and start our lives together.

So, to recap the adventure for those interested, we had a wonderful, private ceremony at a small, but quaint, chapel in old Vegas. We went with a traditional ceremony, rather than having Elvis (who I do like) walk me down the aisle. Believe it or not, he was booked solid! Maybe we'll utilize his services if we renew our vows in the future... :)

Anyway, I wore a simple, white gown ($99 special from David's Bridal) and bought some sexy red shoes to complete my outfit and my husband (still gotta get used to saying and writing that) wore a handsome tux. In an effort to remain somewhat anonymous, here's a pic I thought was kinda cool.

From Vegas, we enjoyed 7 days in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (about an hour south of Cancun). We stayed at a lovely all-inclusive resort and had a wonderful time! We laid out for hours on end, swam and snorkeled til we were exhausted, did zip lining, cliff jumping and jet skiing and ate and drank til we were stuffed. We loved it!

For the most part, we stayed on budget. There were a few extras along the way that I hadn't accounted for, but I told myself not to sweat it too much. I'm a believer that there are special times in your life when you have to "let it go" and live in the moment. Our wedding and honeymoon were one of those times for us.

We returned home this week relaxed, well rested and ready to get back to work! Stay tuned for more posts and updates on our progress as we kick off this journey to being debt-free :)

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