Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Night In...

This is the last weekend before our wedding and honeymoon and what am I doing? Sitting home, enjoying this warm October night, reading more debt blogs and playing with our budget! It may not sound like fun to most of you, but I'm in a happy place - and I'm not spending any money :)

I am actually excited to get started on our new plan! I don't want to rush our big day or trip, but I do anxiously look forward to coming home and starting to really buckle down and kick debt's ass! That reminds me of a great blog that I read, called Punch Debt in the Face... we'll Ninja (the guy who writes that blog) I'd like to kick it in the ass!

A reader commented about how they budget money each pay period towards "fun" and that got me thinking... since I don't have a lot of wiggle room in my budget, I'll need to come up with some fun and inexpensive (preferrably FREE) things to do. I'm actually putting that on my to-do list for after my trip. I want to come up with as many ideas as I can. Right now I'm writing and playing online, while my fiance plays a video game... sure it's working now, but I can see how it may get boring after a while. So, the more ideas, the better!

Question : What fun and inexpensive activities do you recommend?


  1. Check out your city's tourism page for ideas

  2. Have u heard of geo-cashing? Look it up on- line. It's a national scavenger hunt you have to use a gps and enter coordinates to find the item other people leave to be found. The directions are on-line and free. My husband and I always invite a couple friends over and have game nights. We play cards, speed scrabble, famous people, board games all kinds of stuff. Our friends picked up road biking They always try to find different nature trails, beaches and explore everywhere

  3. Thanks for the suggestion :) I haven't heard of it. I'm definitely going to check it out!

  4. If you would like to kick debt in the ass, then by all means, please DO! One week away from your big day! SO AWESOME! Check out my blog tomorrow, we just got our wedding pics back and I posted up a few of 'em.