Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boss's Day

I have a great employee. She's always there ready to do anything I need her to do and I really appreciate it. She's also super thoughtful! Since I'm going to be out of the office on my honeymoon (I can't wait - by the way!) for boss's day, she gave me a card and gift today. She's a big believer in celebrating all of the 'hallmark holidays" there are out there. I don't necessarily feel the same way. Actually for most "holidays" that are celebrated at work, I'm a believer of gifting down, not up. To be honest, I kinda see it as a being a kiss-ass when you give your boss a gift. (That being said, I don't think this individual is a kiss-ass, it's just that sometimes the gesture of giving your boss a gift can be viewed as that.)

I believe that if you have an employee who is doing a great job and going above and beyond at work, then you should thank them for that. Praise goes a long way! I also don't think they have to be thanked with an actual item. Verbal praise is powerful. However, I do think as a manager, you should take the time to find out how your employees like to be praised or rewarded. This employee I am referring to likes a mixture of verbal and non-verbal rewards. I keep that in mind throughout the year, as she does things that I appreciate.

I do have to say that I was touched by her gesture. I know money is tight for her as well and she certainly makes less than I do. The thought that she took the time to pick out a card and gift for me does make me smile :)

Question : Do you celebrate the "hallmark holidays"? What are your thoughts on gifting up or down at work?


  1. I like celebrating holidays because it is kinda fun and makes my heart smile. It is fun bring in lemonade and dixie cups into the office to celebrate "National Lemonade Day". I invite my co-workers to my cube for an afternoon break. Nice change of pace.

    Gifting up and down is fine as long as it is resonable. Last week a couple of people on my team decided that everyone will give $10 for my boss's birthday. As long as I have been in the group we have not collected money or had cake for anyone's birthday. I do not think this is fair and I do think they were kissing up.

    A small token of appreciation is nice regardless of one's position. I recignize Boss's Day when I have a good boss. Not all manager are created equal.

  2. Hope your wedding day was everything you hoped for!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for your kind words, the wedding was wonderful. I like your fun idea for National Lemonade Day - that's great!