Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is everything "free" worth taking?

I tend to say "yes" to a lot of things I'm offered, especially when they are free! But, as I'm starting to learn... maybe not everything free is worth taking?!? Gasp, I know! This past weekend, for example, we were offered free tickets to see Shirley MacLaine put on a show. I automatically said "yes!" thinking it would be a fun night out. I'm not even really too sure about what she does in a live show, I just thought it would be a fun, free night out for the hubby and I. I remember watching her over and over in Terms of Endearment when I was a kid. I loved that movie! I figured, whatever she did had to be worth seeing. My husband, on the other hand, had NO INTEREST AT ALL.

We were also given free tickets to a local gem faire and a home and garden show for this past weekend too! Of course, I took all of the free tickets thinking how lucky we were to have received so many free things for one fun-filled weekend. Not really thinking how we aren't really into gems or kinda get depressed when we go to home and garden shows since it reminds us of what we can't really afford right now.

My husband had a very valid point, why spend the gas money to go to something we weren't really interested in, just to be tempted to spend money that we don't really have, on items that we don't really need? Um, yeah, that kinda sums it all up.

So, in the end, although we scored free tickets, we didn't end up using any of them! I felt a bit guilty since I'm sure there are people who would have taken the tickets and found great pleasure in attending the events. It just wasn't us for whatever reason.

Question : Do you find yourself accepting free items (tickets or otherwise) just because it's free and not necessarily because you'll actually use it?

Lesson Learned : Think before accepting something that's free. It may not be my cup of tea and that's okay.


  1. I'm sure my wife would say that I sound exactly like your husband! This is a good post to ponder. I've found myself doing this before, but I also found out that even with most "free" stuff there are plenty of hidden costs. I found your link over at "Time 4 Plan B" and I'm glad I followed it. I'll be checking back on your progress and cheering you on! Best wishes.

  2. Why not take the free tickets and sell them on ebay or craigslist :) ?


  3. I've definitely turned down items. i only take what i really want or need. shirley maclaine though?? i would have dragged along a girlfriend or made my husband go! I really admire her work.

  4. No, I don't get offered too many freebies and I only go to things I really enjoy, then again, I should be OPEN to new experiences, you never know - it just might BECOME your cup of tea!

  5. @ CJ Williams - Thanks for checking out my blog. I haven't heard of "Time 4 Plan B". I'll try to find it. Please come back and visit :)

    @ HS - Great idea! I'll consider that next time. That's an easy way to make some extra cash to throw towards our debt.

    @ Newlyweds on a Budget - I hear you. I need to make more girlfriends out here. Since relocating from the East Coast, I haven't yet made the effort.

    @ Jane - Good point! I do love trying new things.

  6. Not all freebies are good. Sometimes they are just a ploy and you'll end up spending more than the actual price of the freebies. :)