Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Here's my thought for a cloudy, drizzy, cool Tuesday....

I want to have a job where I can wear comfortable shoes. 

The End.


  1. Those are some really cute shoes. Nice thought for a boring Tuesday afternoon.

  2. I thought that when I retired my sore feet days would be over, not so they are now to far gone....

  3. I concur! When I was working I wore heels every day. Since we have been on a sort of perma-vacation for the past year and a half I ALWAYS wear comfy shoes (I wore heels the other day for the first time in ages, ended up walking pretty far that day, and when I got home my feet, legs, and back were killing me!). I love the slippers in your picture!

  4. ME TOO! Michael works at a shoe store and has taken advantage of their great discount and has oodles of comfortable shoes...me, not so much. I'm still stuck in the "look pretty" mode vs. "comfortable".