Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pay Day & Weigh In!

So, I have to confess. I did great all day yesterday, until this sweet, older gentleman co-worker of mine brought me a small piece of chocolate as a Valentine's Day gift. He stood in my office waiting for me to taste it. I gave it and had a tiny bite. It was delicious!

Things went downhill from there. Hubby wanted to go out for Mexican for Valentine's dinner. Needless to say, I had a few (read: a full basket!) of chips with salsa. Then I had a great big burrito. I was proud of myself for not having a margarita though! I surely would have in the past. We won't even talk about how many peanut butter cups I had while laying on the couch watching a movie...

Oh well, I thought for sure I would have gained weight when I checked in this morning. To my AMAZEMENT, I dropped another pound! Wooo-hooo! I'm back on the wagon. Hubby is too. He even had us pack up our walking gear so we could head out for a walk right after work. We will do this! We will.

On another positive note, I got paid today! I sent another $1,415.45 to our credit card. That makes a grand total of $4,641.60 this month. We've knocked down more than half of what the balance was last month. Freedom is so close!


  1. Wow good job on the credit card payoff!

  2. Wow that is incredible!!! Great work!

  3. Yes, the first bite is my downfall too. If I can resist the first bite then it's no problem, but oh my, one delicious mouth-watering bite and I'm done for! Especially icecream and there is some calling my name right now - NOOOOOOO!!
    Holy moly your c/c payoff is crazy good!!

  4. Awesome going on the credit card. It will be gone in no time.