Monday, August 27, 2012

An update on our hospital bill

I ended up paying the hospital bill that I wrote about last week. I received a cryptic message from our insurance company this weekend, that almost made me believe the issue was resolved. I decided to call the insurance company this morning to confirm that I was all set. The woman on the phone kindly went over everything with me in detail and said that unfortunately the doctor does have the right to balance bill since he's not an employee of the hospital, but rather an independent that they contract in for services. Because of this, it's their right to not accept less than the full amount owed and they can balance bill for the remainder.

I thanked the woman for the detailed explanation and promptly paid the bill! It wasn't the money so much, since we still have funds set aside in our FSA account for this year. I just wanted to be sure we were even supposed to be paying it in the first place. Oh well, we were, and we did. On to the next thing!

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