Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flat Tire!

So, we had a flat tire this weekend. I will say that it happened at one of the best times it could have! The hubby and I were out at the laundry-mat on Sunday morning and we were about midway through our wash, when we happened to go outside to get something from the car when we noticed it.

It was great timing for many reasons -

1) It was the weekend. Nothing like having a flat tire on Monday morning, before you have to go to work! That's happened before and it just starts the whole day off on the wrong foot. Plus, we cancelled our AAA account, so we are on our own for these issues when they arise, so having it occur on the weekend was pretty much our best case scenario.

2) We were together. I prefer to face these situations with someone by my side. That being said, I do know how to change a flat (I give credit to my first husband for that one!). It's just nicer when you can work together to get it taken care of. 

3) The location was great.We were in a pretty empty parking lot, so it was not a problem to put the spare tire on right there. Much more convenient than getting a flat on the highway, where you are risking your life to stop and repair it.

4) We were about 2 miles from home. We put the spare tire on our car and made the quick trip home to start calling local tire companies to see if they had our size in stock. It was nice to be able to limit the miles we drove on the spare and quickly get home to resolve the issue.

Truthfully, we had been expecting to replace our tires soon after we returned home from our trip. They were in pretty bad condition and we just hadn't gotten around to scheduling it yet. Fate just pushed things along for us. 

We ended up getting 2 of the tires replaced last night. It came to $267.33 So, although I was bummed to have a flat tire, it could have been much worse and I'm thankful it wasn't!

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  1. That's really lucky you were in a good location. I'm always worried about driving in the middle of nowhere then getting a flat.