Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Making Memories

I was over at Blogging Away Debt reading Bek's post today called "Scars." I have a soft spot for Bek's debt challenge as she is one of the very first blogs I started reading when I got serious about getting out of debt. Today's post was great! She mentions how she likes the scars on her body in a way, because they have taught her lessons in life. I totally get that. I feel the same way. Sometimes I don't mind when things get dinged or stained because it makes a memory.

All too often we go through life on auto-pilot without many events along the way to help us remember things. They could be scars are on your body, like with Beks. Or a material item that got "christened" along the way. Like a stained comforter that reminds you of the time the kids made you breakfast in bed and the maple syrup ran off the pancakes onto the bed. You may have been disappointed at first by the stain but the memory of how you all jumped in bed together and watched the Saturday morning cartoons will stick with you for a lifetime. These are the things that life is made of.

Beks made a connection from the scars on her body to her financial scars and I think it's great to share:

"It had me thinking about my financial scars. You know the ones. They sit on your credit report and remind you of what an idiot you were. Every time I run my credit report, I see old car loans, old credit card high balances, student loans, and other financial mistakes I’ve made. Even though the financial wound has healed and the balances have been paid, they still sit as big, fat scars on my report. I’ve still got a few years before most of them drop off but I kinda wish they never would. Just like the ones on my face, those scars serve to remind me of my bad decisions and I’d prefer NOT to forget them.

Next time you look at your credit report and it’s not what you’d wish it would be, you can be a little grateful for the scar. It’s a good reminder of what an idiot you were and how far you’ve come."


  1. Great analogy. If we didn't remember our mistakes we would just keep repeating them. Most of us need those "visual" reminders to help us stay on track. Good post!

  2. fantastic analogy! This is exactly why we all need to pay off our debts slow & painfully - so we remember what a pain they are & don't do it again ;)

  3. Unfortunately I have lots of financial scars! Digging my way out now, though.