Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Challenge Update #1

As I shared in this post, I've issued myself a $400 challenge. I am happy to say that I've already made some progress! I'm almost half way done. Here's how I've been able to come up with $180 so far...
  • $80 - I had set this money aside to pay the ex for shipping me some of my old things. He hasn't asked for the money and probably didn't expect to get a check. I just thought it would be nice to pay him. I asked the hubby if I didn't send the money, could I count it towards the challenge and he agreed. (I still may send the ex a check later on down the road...)

  • $100 - My work recently ran a promotion where we could earn $100 bonus for opening an account at a local bank. If we signed up for direct deposit and used our debit card 10 times in 90 days, we earned the bonus. I forgot about the promotion until I saw a credit of $100 in my checking account today! Sweet :) That money has already been sent into the credit card!
So, that leaves $220 left in my challenge. I can so do this! I'll keep you posted as I make more progress along the way.


  1. This is awesome! It's amazing how we can find money if we really look around!

  2. I kind of disagree about the $80 to the ex. If he fronted money to ship you YOUR things, I think you should pay him for it. If you send it to him, and he refuses...then fine. But you really should pay him.

    When do you want to meet your goal? By the end of June?

  3. Good progress, but I agree with Mysti, just bad karma. What is he did this to you. Well he might already have but you decide. I don;t know all the ramifications of your situation. Great challenge. I am going to work on this for our summer trip.

  4. Nice start to June. Keep on chugging.

  5. I hear you guys about karma and I do think paying the ex is the right thing to do. I will plan to send him a check once this challenge thing is over. (For the record, I didn't ask him to send the items, he just did it but I will still be nice and pay him :))

  6. Congrats on making some headway! You're making me want to look around for some extra money.