Friday, May 27, 2011

My $400 Challenge

I have a confession. I splurged with some of the money we got back from our rent deposit. The hubby and I came to an agreement to send $1,100 to our credit card. We were very excited because it was going to be one heckofa big snowflake!

Well, for one reason or another, I made a bad choice and spent some of that money. Actually, a good portion of it. I blew $400. (I'll pause for people to yell at me...) Okay, I know I made a mistake and I feel HORRIBLE. My husband is upset with me and that makes it worse. If only the damn bank cleared the check and I sent the payment in as planned, I wouldn't have been so tempted! Oh well, I need to learn how to deal better with temptation.

In an effort to try to figure out how I can make things slightly better, I decided I would replenish the amount I spent. I've issued myself a $400 challenge. Come hell or high water (I'm not really even sure what that means!), I'm going to get $400 more to put towards our debt!

I'm changing, but I'm not perfect. The old me would have just chalked this up as no big deal and I would've put it behind me. Not really learning anything in the process. There is a price to pay for making poor decisions and I need to be accountable for that. So, the challenge is on!

I've started to think of some ideas as to how I'll come up with the money...
  • Sell my plasma. I've been thinking about doing this for a while but haven't really made the effort. Our local plasma donation place pays about $50 per week if you donate twice. Their hours aren't the greatest, but I think I can try to work something out.

  • Sell my excess crap. I have some old items that I've been thinking of listing for sale. I may put them up for sale in hopes to get some cash.

  • Make and sell some crafts. I'm a crafty girl and I bet I could list a few items online to help the cause.

  • Use my personal Mad Money to fund my challenge. I get $30 per week for my misc. items. (Since we don't have clothes or personal items really in our budget, I planned to use this for those items.)

Question : Did you screw up along the way? What was it? Did you hold yourself accountable in a real way or did you let yourself off the hook pretty easy?


  1. My oh my girl I could write you a book! I screwed up over and over again for 30 years! You are doing the right thing. Just keep at it!

  2. I am right with you. I need to get $500 back into my emergency fund ASAP. Although I didn't use it for a splurge, I feel terrible having a gaping hole in my emergency fund so I too need to get creative/get busy and make some money. I like your ideas for making money but none will work for me (my blood isn't good enough to sell, I don't have any excess to sell since we are traveling, I am so NOT crafty, and the little bit of money I earn each month already goes to bills mostly). Ayayay I will be looking forward to seeing how fast you can replenish your fund and try to do the same myself!

  3. Oh babyblue.. I hear you. I had a Murphy Fund, but then I had to spend it, and it is hard to keep on track.

  4. What did you buy? Have you thought of returning any or all of it? I've spent money before that should have went elsewhere. I think that everybody has at one point. Don't beat yourself up over it.

  5. I think we screw up a lot by eating out way too much. We haven't had any huge splurges but even $40 or $50 here and there adds up.

    Don't be too hard on yourself. At least you didn't go out and out it on a credit card, plus you are thinking about some side income now.

    Psst... I know it's none of my business and all but what did you buy?

  6. It happens! But at least you know what you have to do to fix it :)

    I think we have all been there. Us, like Niki, we eat out way too much which can definitely add up.

    Plus, when J is home, we go out, and when we're out we spend money. Now that he's overseas, I don't go out, and don't spend. He's my vice haha.

  7. I screw up about every day and it helps to have a blog family to keep me honest. Please don't sell your plasma. That is so not where you want to be. Be good to yourself please.


  8. We all make mistakes, up to last night I made stupid decisions, the good thing is that you recognize them and you now have a plan to correct them and it is something you can change.

    Mistakes are good teachers and like Niki said, "you are thinking about some side income now"

  9. man this blog thing hasn't been letting me post but I'll try again.

    I mess up but wow $400 is a big slip! I'm also joining the curious as to what in the world was that tempting! I'm assuming it can't be returned? wow I've been eyeballing something that's $400 (and not an emergency like the tires and car repairs were darn it!) but I'm sooo trying to hold off and it's so darn hard! I'm afraid the intro price will go away if i wait.

    but hey hang in there and it's gotten you to be even more creative in how to make more money!

  10. Don,t be too hard on yourself, I,m sure that the sky is'nt about to fall in so put it back slowly if you must.

    Commenting anonymously as blogger is playing up.

    Maureen ( towards retirement with debt )

  11. Boy, have I!! The most recent was on a painting ($250). We went on a mini-holiday this past weekend too and I splurged but it was a mini-splurge, so I'm trying to make my "oopsies" smaller. I'm headed in the right direction and SO ARE YOU!!

  12. Thanks all for being so understanding. My slip up was on a wild night out on the town and a trip to a casino. Guess I needed to cut loose or something. Nothing I can return, unfortunately. Although it was a major mess up, I'm enjoying the self inflicted challenge of replenishing the funds. I'll be doing a post on that soon!

  13. oh ok - kinda like me doing Weight Watchres and going wild at the mexican restaurant or chinese buffet - putting it into language I can understand helps LOL! I think you've put yourself under a lot of pressure - I'm enjoying trying to be more frugal and trying not to make it too stressful for myself - same with eating though coworker's bday cake last night darned near derailed me big-time - used a LOT of my weeklies and I've been planning ot go out of town to a friend's which will be even more tempting to eat.

    just dont let it throw you off-course - you have goals to reach and you can do it if you don't give up!