Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Tuition Refund Check Arrived!

I'm happy to say that the tuition refund check arrived in the mail! That didn't take long at all. I'm still nervous that they're going to tell us it was a mistake and we'll have to pay it back or something. Until then, it's getting deposited. (The hubby and I chatted and he is in support of us depositing the check and having a little safety net - yippee!) We've now fully funded our emergency savings account! Sweet!

I came across this quote the other day on The Quest to Be Financially Abundant and I liked it and wanted to pass it along. Her advice was to -

Ask for what you want and be open to receiving it.

I love it! I think it's great advice. I'm asking the universe for help to get out from under this debt and somehow things are falling into place. I know it's still early and there's a long road ahead of us, but there's progress and hope. Right now, that's all I can ask for :)


  1. Yes, you do seem to be on the right track - moving into a studio-sized apartment shows just how committed you really are! And now you have a cushion too, things are going great!

  2. Yeah! Your mailbox was nice to you!

  3. I am glad to hear you are both on the same page. Makes life much easier.