Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fresh & Easy Takes Change!

Staying with the theme this week of our empty fridge and spare change, I figured I'd share with you that our local grocery store, Fresh & Easy, takes change!

See, after moving, we realized we had a good amount of spare change to do something with. Since it's almost the end of the week and time to go grocery shopping again, we decided to bring our spare change with us and use some of it.

We debated rolling it and cashing it in, but 1) we didn't have any rollers, 2) we weren't going to pay to buy some and 3) the bank was closed. Plus, I'm not a super girly-girl, but I hate how gross my fingers get afterwards.

We could have gone to a grocery store that has one of those automatic coin counter machines and dumped our bag in, but they take a percentage of your money and we didn't feel like sharing!

So, instead we went to our new favorite grocery store here in California, Fresh & Easy and thankfully, it happened to be a rather slow time. We are starting to like this store more and more! Food is really what the store is called, Fresh & Easy. The prices are pretty fair too. Not to mention I found a cheap bottle of wine that actually tasted good! It was a chardonnay from The Big Kahuna for only $1.99. Major score :)

Anyway, typically (recalling from my poor college days) it can get a little embarrassing handing the cashier a bag full of change to pay for your items, but at Fresh & Easy, you are your own cashier, so it was totally fine! I was a little nervous at first that people may get impatient with me but there was no one else in line! I pulled out our huge bag of change and started to put it in, one coin at a time. Did we have enough actual cash (bills) that we could have just paid for our items with that? Yes. Did it feel good to use up the spare change we had lying around and actually get stuff we needed? Yes! Now we have a few extra dollars in our pocket and less change weighing us down. Winning!

Question : What's your favorite thing to do with your spare change? Have you used it to pay for things before? Do you snowflake it and put it towards your debt?


  1. so I've never been to one of their stores, but now I know exactly what I plan to do with our change!! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I've been shopping there for years, so it's nice to see that they take change. Rambo and I saved up 600 over three years between us and I just rolled it and deposited it into my checking account. I looked silly depositing $50 in quarters and dimes at a time, but I didn't care! :)

  3. wow just last week I was using change to buy groceries - small amounts like $4 or $6! I actually ahd fun doing it though it was kinda embarrassing counting out nickels and pennies LOL!

  4. I bring it to my bank, but I don't roll it. Basically, they give you a big bag, you put all the change in it, they count it in the machines in the back, and it shows up as a deposit in 3 days. It's not quite fair, since it is a cash deposit, but it beats the heck out of rolling them myself. Before I discovered that the bank would take change this way, I burned up the self-service kiosks at the grocery store too:)

  5. I use our spare change for adding the payments onto my bus card which has to be a minimum of $10.00.

  6. Here in Florida at the Publix (supermarket) the change machines do not charge you a fee if you get the money in a store gift card format. So I just dump my money into the machine and get a supermarket gift card. I'm spending money on food anyway and it lets me redirect paycheck money toward something other than the food budget.

  7. I do not like if you use coins. I prefer to use paper money. For me, money coin purse that can aggravate me, so I prefer to use paper money because it is very practical.