Thursday, June 9, 2011


This is the first month that we've been able to start our new plan. Now that the taxes are paid and behind us, all of our "extra" money is being thrown at our debt. We're determined to pay this off ASAP!

I'm so excited because we've been able to pay $2,215 so far towards this month's credit card bill. I have also budgeted to send another $1,284 in, once I get paid tomorrow. That will bring our total payments to this card for one month to be $3,499!

That's almost $3,500! Actually, now that I look at the number, I'm going to find another dollar somewhere to send in. We're going to hit $3,500 towards this card this month! The payments were technically due by the 5th, but the statement actually closes tomorrow, on the 10th. I'm hoping I can send it in at midnight tonight when my direct deposit hits my checking account, so I can make it in before the statement gets cut. Either way, I'm just happy that we are able to send this much money :)

I'm looking forward to getting our new statement and updating our total debt status. Look for that update soon!


  1. You're getting there! That has to be a good feeling.

    I love your picture. I recently read Between A Rock and a Hard Place and it makes me think of that.

  2. Holy Moses! Congrats on the lump sum!

    You guys just keep it up, you will be there before you know it. I swear.

  3. What a payment! Congrats!! :)

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Wow!!! That's great! You are slamming it!

  5. That is wonderful! Congrats!

  6. How on EARTH did you do that???

  7. Wow. I am so impressed. You go girl! Keep it going!