Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another offer from Discover!

So, last week I received the offer from Discover to take out a personal loan. After applying and getting approved, I decided the high interest rate wasn't worth it. Well, now they've followed up with a new offer...

If I charge only $3K per month for August through December, they'll give me a $500 cash back bonus!

Oh boy. NO THANKS! Seriously? Put $15K on my card so I can get $500? That's almost equal to 2 months of what you've been charging me in interest. How about you look back over my statements and see that I've already put $15K on your damn card and give me the "bonus" anyway?

I'm taking a little bit of pride in thinking they are starting to see me paying down my balance so they're trying to do anything they can to get me to charge stuff so they can earn more interest. Well, it ain't gonna happen. So take that Discover!


  1. LOL can't say they're not persistent. Seems Discover must really love your business. Way to go on standing firm.

  2. I hate when they do that. Sometimes it seems like companies think people wont actually think about the deal and will just on anything as long as they get something "free".

  3. I hate credit card companies. They are out to screw everyone....uhh

  4. holy smokes! that is crazy talk!!!

  5. Go to Creditors in commerce and join they will show how you do not owe anything , Google HJR192 and read it over and over until you get it !