Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is it just me... or do guys have it easy?

When it comes to dressing anyway!

The hubby and I are very hopeful that the new job is going to pan out (we should find out today!) so we thought we should check out some new clothes for him. At his current job, he gets away with wearing jeans or cargo shorts and a polo shirt. His new position will require him to dress up a bit more.

Macy's was having a "One Day" sale on Saturday, so we decided to check it out. We saw commercials for it, showing that dress shirts were going to be on sale for $9.99. Marked down from $50ish - that's a really good deal. We went and picked up 5 shirts. Not bad! (If he doesn't get the job, we can return the shirts.)

The more I thought about it, I realized how easy guys have it when it comes to buying clothes for work. Most guys I see in the workplace get away with rotating the same 5-7 button down shirts with a pair of khaki pants. For all I know, it's the same one pair of khaki pants. Lucky guys!

The women on the other hand, aren't so lucky. With pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, sweaters, etc. it's no wonder it adds up much faster for us!


  1. I agree! Guys do have it easy when it comes to clothes. They can pretty much wear the same pair of pants everyday, and no one would even know.

    Michelle @ MakingSenseofCents

  2. I think you can argue both ways. I'm always a little jealous that my guy can wear jeans and a polo to just about any restaurant. Recently I've been more and more aware that people don't notice what I wear all that much. Sure I get compliments on certain outfits. I just think that if girls paired down to 5 work outfits, no one would notice. Like that woman who only wore 6 items of clothing. Not sure I could do it myself, but more power to the women who can!

  3. @TusaRebecca, you are right !
    Guys wear simple stuff and are happy.
    Gals choose to wear tons of different stuff and then complain they have nothing to wear.
    And about that woman who wore the same dress everyday for a year. No one noticed but her.
    Just saying.

  4. I agree TusaRebecca! I don't think I could limit my clothing options to 5, but power to the women who can!

  5. I agree...guys have it a little easier. Women make it harder on ourselves to some degree. How many of us have 1 pair of black pants? Just 1 pair? no one...we all have a few pairs.

    If I get the job I applied for, I will have to go clothes shopping....ugh.

  6. My sister was over my house recently and she went into my bedroom. I had my closet open because I had just finished hanging all my laundry. She looked in my closet and remarked, "Oh my goodness Kevin! If I didn't know better I would think you had just stopped being homeless. How can you have so few clothes?"


    I have 6 shirts for work. I rotate through them. In reality, it is more like 4 shirts for work because two of them are way too big but I haven't replaced them with new ones yet. I have 4 pairs of slacks (2 black and 3 brown/khaki). I have 3 Hawaiian shirts -- for Fridays and weekends. I have 3 polo shirts, one with my work logo and the other two just normal polo shirts. And I have a couple other things in there (like old fraternity jersey) but the above list composes almost all my clothing.

    I have 4-5 pairs of shorts and a few t-shirts in my dresser but usually I wear a button up or polo shirt with my slacks or shorts (slacks at work and shorts when out of it).

    My wardrobe is currently very minimalist. It wasn't always so obvious because I used to have a bunch of clothes. But I went through and got rid of everything I no longer wore or that didn't fit and that's what is left. I always rotated through about the same number of items though. So yeah, it can be easier to be a guy at times.

    Oh, and I have one pair of black dress shoes for work. I have one pair of sandals and one pair of flip flops (although expensive ones). I have 6-7 pairs of black dress socks too. So yeah, everything is pretty minimal and I can get away with that being a guy.

  7. It could be easy though... 5 shirts, then a black skirt & pr of pants and you're set! ;) Just would get a bit boring is all... lol!

  8. I agree. It is easier for guys to look good in the business place, and it is also cheaper. Dry cleaning for a man's shirt at the place where I go: $6/10 shirts....seriously.

  9. I think guys have it a lot easier clothes-wise. luckily for me I can wear jeans/t-shirts to work. I work in a lab and wear a labcoat anyways so no big deal. but if I had to dress for the office or something..I'd be out of luck.