Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Vacation Decision!

October will mark our one year wedding anniversary for the hubby and I. We have been on the fence for several months as to whether or not we should take a vacation when we are in debt. We posed the question to the readers previously and got mixed reviews. After a long walk on the beach on Sunday, we made our decision.

We will not be going on vacation this year.

We jointly agreed that being out of debt as fast as we can is more important to us, than taking an anniversary trip this year. So, the $2K we planned on putting towards our vacation will now be going right towards our debt! This should allow us to have our CC#1 paid off at the beginning of December, instead of the end. Then we can start throwing every last penny at CC#2.

As much as I'd absolutely love a week away at an all-inclusive resort on the beach, it's just not the right time for it. We'll be able to celebrate our anniversary and being out of debt, next year!

There's a saying when you are trying to lose weight...

"Thin feels better than that tastes"

Well, I think we should have one for people trying to get out of debt...

"Debt free feels better than having or doing that feels"

I'm brainstorming here, I'm open to suggestions :)

So, instead, we'll plan a special day close to home for the two of us and look at some of our honeymoon photos (that's one above), recalling how much fun we had and daydream some more until we can actually plan another trip in the future. It won't be that long!


  1. You can still celebrate your anniversary without taking a trip. If you don't have your wedding cake top anymore, you can maybe find a bakery to make you one (tastes WAY better anyway). A romantic picnic dinner.


  2. At the beach or at home, as long as you two are together, I'm sure it will be an amazing anniversary celebration!

    That's great you two came to that decision.. it's always very tempting to go away and do something extra special for those special occasions.

    It will definitely feel great to have CC paid off at the beginning of December.

  3. I think that's a very wise & mature choice! I'd have done the same! :) Enjoy your anniversary!

  4. You are making the right decision and good for you. Once you guys are debt free all of the resorts will still be there with their all-inclusive deals.

  5. We stayed semi home for not too much money.

    Like jode said, it's great that you guys made this decision together, I don't think it will be one you'll regret.

  6. Most people I know don't take anniversary trips so don't feel deprived. There are so many ways to celebrate. Even a nice pricey dinner is cheaper than a trip and you can make it a very special day.

  7. I think that's a great idea!

    I know of a couple who on their 25th were in the process of declaring bankruptcy because of a business they had owned which had gone under. So to mark the day they took a silver candelabra to Macdonald's since it was all they could afford. 10 years later they were still saying despite it being the worst time of there lives it was there best anniversary because it helped then reconnect with each other and they felt helped prevent them from divorce on top of the bankruptcy.

  8. My family is also skipping taking a vacation this year...and every year from now on until we're out of debt. I really like your debt adaptation of the diet phrase too....

  9. Good choice! We are also celebrating our 1 year in October (30th) - we'd LOVE to go back to Hawaii but instead we'll probably splurge on a nice dinner out.

  10. good for you! that is wonderful that you made that decision together! so proud of you!!

  11. I think that's a smart move. I think you would have been feeling guilty on a vacation anyway. I know I would have. Getting out of debt is going to feel so good, and going on a vacation with cash will feel even better. Good for you for thinking this one out.

    Having said that, my husband and I didn't go on a vacation until two years ago. We waited 14 years before we felt we could go guilt free. That's a long time. If you only have to wait one year, that's amazing!

    Enjoy your one year anniversary with a delicious meal and of course a special slice of cake...:)! It's a wonderful time of year for an anniversary (my daughter will be celebrating her first anniversary at the same time). Nature is stunning in October...perhaps a hike, picnic and a time to plan for next year!

  12. That's a good decision you made! Not the most fun decision but you will thank yourself as soon as you are out of debt (then save up money much faster to go on an amazing vacation!).