Friday, January 13, 2012

Extra Cash!

TGIF! I got some sweet news today. I'm now paid semi-monthly so today I received my first check of the new year and it was higher than I anticipated. How much higher, you ask?!? $58.92 per pay period! I had used the pay calculator online through ADP and they must have estimated the amount of social security they planned to withhold incorrectly because today my check was $58.92 over what I had planned on.

That's $1,414.08 extra in take-home pay for 2011! Today is a good day. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. That's great! I'll bet you used the paycheck calculator just before Congress passed the payroll tax cut extension. Unless they pass something else, it will expire at the end of February. We all have to make the best of this little windfall while we can. :)

  2. The reduction of the SS tax ends Feb-29. It will return to 6.2% Mar-1. So you'll see a reduction in our take home. I doubt they will extend it again.

  3. that's great!! I guess its true what they say "your richer then you think" :P

    But seriously that is amazing!!! Any grand plans?

  4. Assuming you were getting paid bi-weekly, and receiving 26 pay checks....isn't this just redistributing those 2 paychecks that will go away now that you are down to 24 pay checks?

  5. Thanks guys, I didn't know there was an end date to the tax break... bummer! I'll enjoy it for the time being I guess.

    @ Mysti - I had changed from 26 to 24 pay checks in September so I was accustomed to the new check amount already but hadn't yet seen the new amount for 2012. Guess this extra cash won't last long though, according to the other posters.