Thursday, January 19, 2012

Twelve Goals for 2012

As I mentioned in this post I think it's important to write out your goals. Following the lead of my fellow bloggers, I decided to go with twelve goals for 2012. Here goes nothing!

1. Pay off all credit card debt by June 30th! - This is the plan today. We may actually finish earlier but have a little buffer built in, just in case we end up having to pay taxes in April.

2. Save $20K for a down payment on a condo. - This should be doable. If we follow our current budget, for the remainder of the year, we'll have saved the $20K we want for a down payment.

3. Buy our first home together. - We are anxious to stop paying rent and get into a place of our own. As anxious as we are, we've decided to play it smart and wait until we have 20% saved up for a down payment so we can avoid paying PMI. We should be able to celebrate the holidays this year in our own place. WE CAN'T WAIT!

4. Succeed in 10-pound weight loss challenge. - As I mentioned here, I've entered into a weight loss challenge with some fellow bloggers. I'm hoping this will give me the kick start I'm looking for. We have a wedding this summer and hopefully a vacation to look forward to, so I'd like to drop a few pounds before these events.

5. Indulge in my love for movies more. - I love movies. I don't watch as many as I'd like to. I've actually considered some sort of career behind the scenes in film. I need to get to the bottom of this passion of mine and figure out if it's just a passive hobby or something I can make a living with.

6. Blog more often. - As I shared recenlty, it's been tough to get my normal blogging time in like I had previously. I'm now set up at home on a laptop and hopefully that'll help me be able to blog more often.

7. Take a vacation. - We are planning on taking a vacation sometime this summer, when we are out of debt! We'll pay cash - of course!

8. Finish "What Color is Your Parachute" book. - I started this book a while back and plan to finish it this year. I want to do something I enjoy, rather than something I feel I "have to do". Hopefully this book will help me narrow my interests down a bit.

9. Give yoga a try. - I keep saying I want to try yoga but never actually do it. This year, I plan to give yoga a try.

10. Play piano more often. - This is another desire of mine and now that we have a keyboard, there are no excuses!

11. Get on the water! - I friggin' LOVE being near the water. I want to get out on it more often. My preference is kayaking, but I've also wanted to try rowing. This is the year to do it!

12. Read 12 books. - 12 really isn't that many but I figure it's an increase from what I did this year. If I average about 1 per month, I should be able to meet this goal with ease.


  1. Those are really great goals! Reasonable, attainable, and fun! You should share the books you read! Might inspire some of the rest of us to read more too. (I'm working on "The Jungle Book" right now, because it came for free n the e-reader I got for Christmas!)

  2. Oh a condo!! When you get to that point make sure you blog about al the different layouts!! I love reading the condo sections of the Sat. papers so I can critic the different floor plans!

  3. Good luck - I like the mix of financial and personal :)

  4. This is a great set of goals!! Last night we went to see the movie "Contrband". Loved it! I didn't used to see movies very often but Michael LOVES going to the movies so we go once or twice a week!

  5. Our goals are so similar! I hope I success in the challenge too! I've not been doing so well lately!

  6. Love your goals! I tried hot yoga a while back and need to get back into it again.

  7. So many of our goals are the same. We're in the middle of #7 right now. It's scary and exciting all at the same time.