Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat 1/29/12

Following Carla's lead at My 1/2 Dozen Daily, here is my Sunday Night Chit Chat :)

What are you...


I've been reading blogs again today. Finding motivation to push through and pay the rest of our debt off quickly so we can start saving for a condo and then banking money for retirement.


The hubby has basketball on the tube, so I look up at the score every once in a while.

Listening to?

The crowd cheering the teams on.


Nothing yet. Just got home from the grocery store, so I'm relaxing before starting dinner. I'll probably make chicken and vegetables.

Happy you accomplished this week?

Crossed a couple of things off of my "to-do list" at work. That's always a good feeling!

Looking forward to next week?

There will be some staffing changes at work this coming week. I'll be happy to get those over with!

Thankful for today?

The beautiful day we had. Hubby and I took a walk at the beach today and took the picture above.

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  1. Jealous that you live near a beach! Ours would be frozen over!! lol! Hope the staffing changes go well! :)