Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Free Movie!

TGIF :-) This week has been a good one! I was able to maintain my positive attitude, despite some major stuff going on around me.

I got 2 more free movie tickets this week for an advanced screening of "A Little Bit of Heaven" with Kate Hudson. It comes out on May 4th. The movie was last night. The hubby wasn't up for the movies after I kept him out so late the night before with our casino trip. Plus, the football draft was on last night, so I ended up going with a girlfriend.

The movie was a romantic comedy and I believed the connection between the two stars. I think that's important in romantic movies. I hate watching ones where you can't feel a connection, so you never buy the premise. There were some good laughs and equally as many tears. I don't know if I'd recommend spending money to see it at the movies, but it's a good one to catch on Netflix or cable.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I am being treated to Titanic in 3D tomorrow, can't wait a day out with my Daughter and Granddaughter, and an early mother's Day present. Yippeee

  2. Good score on the tickets! Thanks for the review, I hate spending $$ on an "ok" movie... Waiting for DVD is usually the best bet with this type of movie. lol!

  3. Free movie tickets is great (here movies cost around $12 per ticket!!!). I'll have to check out the movie--I think Kate Hudson is a wonderful actress!

  4. WOW! How in the world do you score free movie passes? Never I have gotten even one!