Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Packing, Selling, Moving & Letting Go!

This week has been very productive! We have packed a ton of stuff. I am personally very proud of the amount of "stuff" I was able to let go. The amount of items that we donated to good will was enormous! I was a bit torn on trying to make cash on some of the items, but the time and energy required for me to post it, package it and ship it were just not worth it at the time. I keep telling myself that it's going to someone less fortunate who could use it.

We were able to sell a few of the larger items though and make some extra cash, which we will use to pay for the actual move.
  • Last night we sold our smaller couch, which isn't going to fit in the studio. We paid about $520 and sold it for $250. We also sold a couple of coffee tables to this person for $10.
  • Tonight the new renters plan to purchase our refrigerator for $200. That's about 1/2 of what we paid and we used it for 2 years. I'm happy with that amount.
  • Hopefully tomorrow we'll be selling our elliptical machine. We paid about $700 a year and a half ago and we have an offer for $350. I'll take it! It was just collecting dust anyway, plus there's no way it will fit in our new place.
So, if everything works out, we'll make $800! Looks like the moving truck will run about $200 when all is said and done and we'll get some day labor help for about $100 (I think). I'm hoping we are able to put $500 towards saving or our debt pretty quickly!

It's truly amazing how much stuff we accumulate. Things will be different in our new place, that's for sure! I plan to have a recycling bin near our front door so any unnecessary papers get tossed in there automatically. The amount of papers I went through in this move was unbelievable. I never want to have to do that again. Our shredder continually kept overheating in the process! We probably have enough confetti type shredding to take care of New York City for the ball dropping on New year's Eve! Honestly!

So, although it was tough, I let some items go that I didn't think I would and guess what... I'm still alive! I feel lighter. I'm actually happier to not have as much STUFF weighing me down. I hadn't used many of the items for years and just kept holding onto them, thinking "one day, one day I'll use this again." Well, that day never came and I'm okay with it. Letting go can be very cathartic. I'm ready for the next phase of my life. Peaceful, happy days with less clutter.


  1. Good for you! I'm all for less clutter too. It sounds like things are going smoothly for your move.

  2. I am looking towards the day I can just purge my crap myself. I don't think my BF. He has a lot of stuff.

  3. I love getting rid of are right, it makes you feel so much lighter!

    When is the official move date?

  4. sounds like you've done heaps! good on you!
    I've started giving away a lot of the stuff I was selling off, I've reached a point where I just want it gone.

  5. Getting rid of stuff becomes addictive! But the key is being mindful about what you actually bring into your home. Good luck!

  6. I totally agree with Me in's addicting! I just purged another round of books from my shelf last night...might be able to get down to one bookshelf instead of the two overflowing ones I used to have! Good for you!

  7. Sounds wondderful! goodluck in your move


  8. Hooray! It must really feel good.
    Dave would be proud