Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We got the studio condo!

Wow - we're got the studio condo! We're officially downsizing and moving at the end of the month. I can't believe it all worked out. Even better, the owner quoted me $795 when I toured the place but wrote $775 in his email back to me requesting a check for the first month's rent. I know it's only $20 less per month, but that's $240 for the year and it makes this condo officially $600 less PER MONTH than our current place! Amazing. I'm going to sign the lease today at lunch so I'll know for sure if it's just a typo or if it's really going to be that price.

In addition, he mentioned that that electricity is around $20 per month (I currently budget $80 where we are) so that's a savings too! He also said water and even hot water is all included, so "you could take 3 hour long hot showers if you'd like." Although I am water-conscious, I jumped for joy (in my head) because that's one of my pet-peeves now, whoever gets the 2nd shower in the morning is the unlucky one with a cold shower. Well, not any more! Yippee :) Things really seem to be working out. I hope this trend continues and our move goes smoothly. I'll keep everyone posted!


  1. yay!! that wonderful! you are going to see that debt total really start dropping fast now.

  2. Things are turning out great!! $600 more each month is going to knock a huge hole in your debt!!

  3. wow that's awesome! you'll be debtfree even faster!

  4. Someone up there loves you huh!
    What fun - time to reset your budget cos your rent and your bill are going to be lower.

  5. Congrats!!!!! I am all for downsizing or anything to pay for debt. BF and I currently live in less than 500 sf and it works out. We do this to save for a big house :)

    Where is the studio if u don't mind me asking, what part of SD? That's so cool!!!

  6. Thanks for all the congrats! Signed the lease this afternoon and it was $795, the guy messed up when he wrote $775. Oh well, it's still a deal!

    @shoppingtosaving - It's in the Mira Mesa area. Not much going on around here, but it's within driving distance to a lot!

  7. Congratulations that's a great monthly saving!

  8. Yea! You know...I adore the idea of downsizing and LOVE studio space...the open concept and small scale just seems so warm and cozy to me!

    {plus your SAVING $...double yea!}