Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Bank of America...

Dear Bank of America,

Thanks for not taking my money! Literally. I tried to deposit a hundred dollar bill in your new fancy ATM's where although it's convenient that you don't have to use an envelope (great idea!), you tend to spit cash deposits back out to people. Of course your lobby was already closed and unfortunately I work during your "normal banking hours" so I'm stuck using your ATM after hours.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but you offer no alternative way to deposit the cash (which having worked at a bank for several years, I'm quite certain is a valid, non-counterfeit bill). I'm left having to go to a store to exchange the bill into something that is considered more ATM friendly. That's assuming the store will just exchange the cash for me and not make me buy something that I don't need first.

I was trying to make this deposit on Tuesday. It's now Thursday and I won't likely get to a store to exchange the bill and make it back to the fancy ATM until Friday. I've now gained three more days of interest on the credit card that I wanted to apply the $100 payment to. You've also lost 3 days of interest that you could have gained by accepting my money.

In conclusion, while I appreciate the advances in technology and how we can now just put our bills directly into the ATM, I think it's also beneficial to offer the envelopes to customers who have their money spit back out to them, so they are not inconvenienced to have to exchange the bill elsewhere and return back to the ATM.



  1. This happened to me last night (it accepted one $100 bill but not the other) but I just tried again and it took it.

  2. I dont use BOA but I know they drive my best friend insane.

    Hope you get that money in


  3. Now that's frustrating! I don't trust machines, I have to actually walk into a bank. I can understand your predicament as banks hours are usually less than working hours.

  4. That really sucks but from a technological stand point it is quite amazing. Where I am from we still use the envelopes and might do this for years to come but if the ATM could take bills directly it would help with it not running out of cash over the weekends. The ATM close to where I live is way to popular and is usually emptied out by Saturday evening.