Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Walk to Work

I walk 3.8 miles to work each morning. I was riding my bike for a while, but this month I decided to change it up. I'm really enjoying the walk. I've actually dropped 11 pounds since I've started being more active.

Today on my walk in to work this morning, my legs were a little tired. As I passed two other apartment complexes we looked into previously, I longingly thought how much closer they are to my work and what a short walk I'd have. It takes me about 50 minutes now. One complex would take about 25 minutes and one would take 10.

Then I recalled how much more the rent was at these places. One was $400 more per month and the other was almost $700 more! Although these places are nice and my walk would be shorter (read: I could sleep in at least 30 minutes longer!), the extra price isn't worth it to me.

I've chosen to put that extra money towards debt each month, instead of making my life a little easier. That's another reason we don't have a second vehicle. That would be extra money each month on a car payment and insurance. It's not worth it to me. Later down the road, it may be, but right now it's not.

Question : What have you given up that could make your life much easier, in your quest to be debt free?


  1. Wow, that's an easy bike ride but a really long walk! You're hardcore!

  2. Good question! Shopping! If I only could give up shopping totally, that would be a huge money saver! Unfortunately, my family would like to eat and be clothed.

    Great idea, walking to work! Oh how I wish I could do that, it would be my commute and exercise all in one! But 12 miles would take me too long.

  3. We are a one car family for the most part. My son does have a car but usually his is at school or work.

    I love that your walk is better than a gym membership. After all you can't avoid it since you have to get to work and it is free


  4. That is really impressive. 11 lbs. Wow!

  5. I love how you always look towards the bright future ahead and just shrug off the now. It is so inspiring.

    I've just acquired my first debt for my first car. It will save on bus fare and I can sleep later when I work mornings so I can understand why you considered moving closer to work.

    I'm going to be making a lot of little sacrifices till I pay off this debt. Can't list them now though.

  6. I gave up mindless spending. I used to buy whatever I wanted and struggle from paycheck to paycheck without really thinking anything of it or the consequences. Now that I am mindful, I try to cut where I can and really make my budget stretch. I also gave up having Starbucks daily and now just think of it as a treat.