Monday, July 25, 2011

My Weekly Money Check-Up 7/25/11

Here's My Weekly Money Check-Up, courtesy of My Pretty Pennies.

1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on a payment to our credit card... $1431.30. Yeah, I know it's kind of an odd amount, but it was everything, but one penny, that we had left in our checking account after payday, so I sent it all in. (I'm a little weird and feel safe leaving at least a penny in the account, for fear that something bad will happen if I get it all the way down to zero. I know, strange!)

2. Today I am thankful that my Dad finally found a job after being unemployed for over a year! Yippee :) This will certainly make things a little easier for my parents. It's sad to see them struggle to get by in their older age. If I was in a different financial situation, I would've been able to help them out more.

3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was organized my office at work. It was starting to get a bit messy so I spent one afternoon going through things and hanging some old calendar pictures. It looks and feels much better now.

4. I will consider this week a success if I don't spend another penny on anything! Hubby and I went a little off budget this weekend and found ourselves with only $30 left for groceries. We'll be combining what's left in the cabinets with the small amount of fresh items we bought this week.

5. A good friend is someone who is there for you when you need them. It's not often that I ask for help and when I do, I really need it. A good friend is one that has your back and is there if you fall.


  1. I'm thrilled for your dad!!! :) Hope you're able to make it through on your budget this week!

  2. Good luck on your goals for spending this week. I'm sure you and hubby can make it work. And what an impressive debt payment. :)

  3. That's a fantastic payment; way to go!! :)