Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Benefit of Renting...

We currently rent a tiny studio apartment. Some days I dream about what it will be like when we own our own home. I longingly imagine spacious rooms, an updated kitchen, a tranquil bathroom and a tropical oasis in the backyard. Ahhhh.

Well, this past weekend our refrigerator stopped working. The food in our freezer got ruined and our fridge just wouldn't stay cool. A quick text message to our landlord and before too long, he said we'd be getting a new one. Nice!

Back in December, right at Christmas, our stove completely died. That kind of stunk for us and we weren't able to make a holiday dinner as planned. After a few days though our landlord replaced it for us. Free of charge.

Guess this is one of the perks of renting, huh? We would have had to pay about $1,000 to have these items replaced on our own. It makes renting seem like not such a bad idea... for now :)


  1. That is definitely one perk about renting, unless you don't have a good landlord. I am glad you have a good one.

  2. I totally agree. My oven stopped working about a month ago and I didn't have to pay to have it fixed!!!

  3. we rent, but our fridge and the washer dryer are not covered. so we would have still been screwed. we paid like $50 for our fridge though and i love it. it has french doors and a bottom freezer.

  4. Agreed!! When our basement flooded in August from the hurrican our hot water heater/boiler furnance were distroyed and my LL had to replace them all, 4 apartments, along with pay out of pocket for Servepro to dry out the basement first, 10K. While we lost all of stuff in storage replacing clothes and toys was way cheaper than what the LL had to pay to replace.

  5. Definitely a good thing about renting!

  6. Probably about the only good thing about renting, you definitely need more security. Especially when you get older....

  7. I hate when people bash renting like it is so terrbile. Renting allows some to live in areas with great communitites and schools where they could not afford to buy either because of house prices or property taxes. We have the funds to buy right now but we're still not ready, in our opinion, to make such a commitment. Owning is great for some, renting is great for some. To imply you only have security in owning doesn't make sense to me especially with the housing market today in the US.

    1. It all depends on our luck to have a good landlord. We should discuss the rent terms with him before going for a rent.No stones should be left unturned,otherwise it may create problems later on.