Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thankful for Insurance!

I'm especially thankful for insurance lately. Over this past week I went to the eye doctor and got two new pairs of glasses (one regular pair and one pair of sunglasses). Then I went to my first mammogram. Lastly I had an appointment yesterday to have my hand pain evaluated. I had 18 x-rays done and blood drawn. I'm looking forward to the results later this week. I can't image how much these things would have cost without insurance. So, today I'm thankful for insurance :)


  1. O M G me too!!!!! This year we switched insurance companies. My employer has Blue Cross Blue Shield, and J had Aetna. HATE Aetna. We switched to BCBS and pay way more every payday, but well worth it. They are in-network with most everyone. We pay less deductable, co-pays, and they pay pretty much 100% if in-network (including maternity, which was the main reason for switching).
    Of course, being Canadian and having to deal with insurance now sucks, but I'm glad we at least have a good one now.

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  3. I am so thankful for our Australian Medicare, all the things you mentioned would be free except for the glasses themselves, however the eye test was free.......