Friday, March 9, 2012


I thought that was a super cute picture :)

I'm in a bit of a funk at work. I haven't shared too much about it, but since my company went through a transition last fall and my job has significantly changed and I'm not loving it. I am loving the paycheck however! I got a nice bump up in salary (to my highest amount ever) but with that, came a lot of responsibilities that I am not trained or educated in, nor do I have an interest in.

I have my Masters degree in one field and 90% of my job is doing things that have nothing to do with it. But again, the pay is pretty good and honestly, the workload isn't that difficult. I just don't like being accountable for things I don't know anything about or have any interest in learning.

So, rather than sit back and bitch about it, I've gone on two interviews over the past month. Let me start by saying that I suck pretty bad at interviewing. I have a hard time thinking on my feet and remembering what my past successes have been. The first interview, I knew I bombed, while I was still there. I wrote that one off rather quickly. This second one threw me for a loop. I phone interviewed with 2 people and then actually met 10 in person. 10 people. I went to the office twice and really thought I did pretty well. I found out yesterday that they went with someone else. I was a little hurt and surprised. Honestly, I was uncertain if I even wanted the position because it would be a pay cut but at least it was in my field. It was still kind of a bummer though. Oh well.

This is where I praise the hubby a bit. He knew I was a little down and he surprised me by picking up a couple of discount movie tickets at work (so proud of how frugal he has become!) and taking me out for a little date after work. He knows how much I love movies, so he brought me to a romantic comedy. We saw The Vow. It was a cute, light film - just what I needed to take my mind off of things.

So, I'm happy it's Friday and I have nothing planned for the weekend, but to sit back and see where things go. TGIF :) Have a good one!


  1. Aww what a sweet hubby you have to take you on a random date night!!! I hope you find what you're looking for in a job-- good pay AND in the field you want! :)

  2. That picture made me chuckle!! Sorry to hear about the job and interviews! I had to sit down across from 6 people once and answer questions. "What would you do if??? What are your strengths? How did you demonstrate this in your last position....What are your biggest weaknesses? blah blah blah." No fun, but I did a lot of practice questions and had my hubby "interview" me before hand so luckily wasn't thrown off too bad. Sometimes you can even take free classes at a library about giving a good interview. Don't be too hard on yourself!!
    Tell me there wasn't a "What animal would you be and why?" and "What are your hobbies?" Those make me want to flip backwards out of my chair!!

    Keep trying and have faith in yourself!!

  3. sorry you didn't get the job! it just means the right job hasn't come along yet! and i'm proud of your hubby too for being so frugal!

  4. I guess if the worst part of it is that you got stuck with a job that pays doesn't sound that bad. I once sat in on an interview panel and there were 10 of us there (I thought an interview like that was some unique form of torture for the poor job applicants!). I hope your future job search turns up something great!

  5. brownie points for hubby for those movie tickets! sounds like work is stressful, hope you find something better soon