Thursday, March 15, 2012


Good advice!

I got paid today. If it weren't for owing money for (bleeping) taxes, today would have been the day I made our final payment to CC #2. Oh well. We are one day closer to our goal.

Today I spent a while looking at the budget. When it gets this close to the end, there isn't much to do besides go through the motions. The spreadsheets are done and require very little tweaking, but I still stare at them for hours on end, looking for a hidden secret or ways to cut back more or pay off higher interest faster. But, there's nothing really to change. Now, it's just up to me to stay on track and get it done. Pay the bills, save for taxes and look forward to the day when this is over. It's like a mantra I tell myself over and over.

I look forward to the day I won't have to :)


  1. I am with you on that one - keep on going!

  2. As it gets closer to the end, we only get more impatient. Patience is key at this point. The end will soon be here. Don't rush it.